Alaska Airlines

Alaska has continually evolved its services and communications, leveraging the power of its website and application to meet the growing demands of customers. The company has recognized the importance of user interaction and has made significant strides in enhancing the overall experience.

One area where they have focused their efforts is the Mileage Plus Account experience. They continue to raise the bar for user interaction and solidify their position as a leader in the industry.

Before and After


Personas help shift the focus from hypothetical users to real individuals who will interact with the product or service. They enable designers to understand the needs, goals, and behaviors of specific user groups, guiding design decisions to meet those user needs effectively.


When conducting research to determine the appropriate navigation for Alaska's website or application, it is essential to consider global navigation, responsivity, and accessibility factors.

Competitive Analysis

Researching and analyzing what competitors have implemented in terms of navigation can provide valuable insights into industry standards and user expectations.


Wireframes are an essential tool in the design and development process as they help gather initial user input, improve the flow of the user experience, and save valuable development time.